Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy  Thanksgiving !

So this week I spent back north with the family for Thanksgiving!

I flew in Monday afternoon into New York. The stars were all lined up for me that day. One of the nicest cab drivers picked me up from the condo at 12:20, for my 2:00 flight. Since I was flying from Miami Airport there was a slight chance that I might be late, considering the airport is HUGE and the gate is almost always on the other side of the world from where drop off is. However, the sweetest cabby got me there in 15 minutes flat! So that was great. I was also very proud of myself because I left all of my bulky winter clothes at my parents house when I moved to Florida- I didn’t have too much to pack!- A huge accomplishment I managed to have only 1 bag which I didn’t have to check! At the airport, I found the happiest lady to tell me my gate and point me in the right direction.  Now, Miami international airport is a little confusing you follow the signage and still can manage to miss something.

I’m walking along and my gate wasn’t approaching. I saw this old man on a cart and asked if he can point me in the direction to my gate and he tells me to hop on. Meanwhile I kind of hijacked the ride from these two people. It was hysterical, and so nice. It turned out my gate as predicted would have been a long hike. The entire time the guy was speaking to me in Spanish and I kind of understood some of it but then when I responded to him in English he was cracking up!

There is more, 2:00 came my flight boarded and left on time. When I booked my flight over the phone I was left with only the choice of middle seat, which is fine just not a preference. I took my seat and after 20minutes these two women approached me. They had a 3 year old daughter who was given a seat all by herself,  so she asked if I would switch with her so that they can all sit together. Immediately, I accepted the swap and as a perk I got my preference the Isle, so again the stars were lined up. 🙂  Now the flight was a little bumpy but not bad we managed to get into new york before 5:00 so that was nice!

I arrived in Manhattan at 6:00. I met my sister at her new apartment. We went to a cute nearby restaurant called Arte Cafe. With my sleep being a little messed up the night before and traveling I forgot to have lunch. This is not good for my diet which I try to stick to. The fact that I skipped a meal left me unaware of how hungry I was until sitting down for dinner. I had a nice individual thin crust margherita pizza and a glass of Chianti. Ordinarily I probably would not have been able to finish it since I started with a salad as my appetizer… needless to say I wish I hadn’t eaten the whole pizza.

Later on that night I met up with some girl friends from Connecticut who were in the city. The plan started off meeting at Stir lounge, but sadly it was closed this Monday night. I met up with my friend Julie out front and we wound up going to Southern Hospitality and waited for the rest of the party. My friend Janine’s boyfriend came and then a bit later she showed up. Hours past and we wound up staying there until last- call but the city never sleeps so we decided not to end the night- we went across the street into Brother Jimmy’s for a couple more drinks.

Things are never boring with my friends that’s for sure. Someone had the idea to have pickle back shots-I don’t like pickles so I was reluctant but some how we all tried it- I had one but could not and would not have the other. After that interesting shot I asked for something somewhat sweet to get rid of the pickle taste. The bartender made something called summer in a glass. It wasn’t bad but I could not exactly pinpoint what was in it. It was a fun night of catching up with the girls I haven’t  seen them or really spoken since I was over there in July. Janine seems to really like the boyfriend too and he seemed like a good guy so I was happy to meet him. We ended the night at around 3:00.

On Tuesday afternoon I woke up to a beautiful crisp winter chill with a great view of central park. I had an impromptu lunch with my family friend Steven. We met at Parker and Meridian hotel where there’s a great discreet burger place! You walk into the hotel lobby and just after the front desk in the left corner you see the line. They serve only burgers its delicious! It is a tiny always busy crazy place. Its the kind of place you have to stand and hover until you find a table to grab, but its fun. After lunch I met up with Janine at Grand Central to take the train to Connecticut.

I surprised my parents and our dog Roxie at around 4:30 when I showed up at the house. There is something great about coming home to my parents especially for thanksgiving. It’s familiar obviously but it’s more than that. There is great warmth when I see them, my parents are such wonderful people.  Come Thursday I got to see my sister Christie, my Aunt Linda, Uncle James, my cousins Jess, and Jamie and some family friends Jurga and Marious with their precious daughter Luca. I got to see my sister Monday and she was just in Miami for my birthday along with my parents but my aunt, uncle, cousins and friends I (also) haven’t seen since July so I was happy to see them. Even though it does get loud and crazy (I need breaks at times) its the loud and crazy that I know and love.

Thanksgiving is so great its the kick- off for the winter holidays.  For as long as I can remember it has been celebrated at my parent’s house.  The amazing food we consume is mind- boggling. We have soup, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (with marshmallows on top), string bean casserole, 2 different Stuffing dishes, Gravy, Salad, Bread, Bread, Bread, Figs, Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Pudding pie, Pumpkin cookies, and a variety of bakery cookies. Then the day after thanksgiving consists of eating whatever is left over; cold turkey or ham sandwiches with a slice of pie, perhaps a cookie or 2.

Yesterday I got to sleep in a bit and it was nice outside. I was flying back to Miami at night,  so I got to spend half of the day with my family, and I even managed to get some Christmas shopping done so that was great. Also, as a bonus I took some leftovers with me and the airport security didn’t try to confiscate it! My flight back left on time, was very smooth, I got an isle seat, and to top that off I got into Miami about 35 minutes early! All in all a wonderful thanksgiving holiday trip!