Work It, Le’ me Work It

Hello all,

Today was a productive day. I was definitely sleepy at the beginning. I did manage to recharge with two tall cups of iced coffee sugar and milk. It was necessary though! I was starving last night when I got home from the airport and so I didn’t want to go to bed without eating and then I didn’t want to go to bed immediately after eating either so I stayed up, and then I found myself thinking about things I wanted to do, for instance go to the gym today. This led me to getting around approximately 4,5 hours of sleep last night=not good!

As my day at work came to an end I became unsure if Terry remembered I texted him that I would train with him today since I want to do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday plus I was traveling last night so there was no way I was going to the gym yesterday. Anyway when I walked in I saw him and he remembered and then realized he put me down for tomorrow initially so had already scheduled someone. Still I was happy I made it to the gym and stayed an hour.

I started on the treadmill 3.4 mph, at around 15minutes during which Terry came by and added an incline of 6.5 and dropped to 2.5mph. He likes me to do Long strides when I’m on the incline squeeze in my butt and core while taking long strides. Its actually pretty exhausting more-so than walking at almost 4mph. After I hit 20minutes I went on the stair master for 10minutes. I then made my way to the cross-trainer and sweat on that for 5 minutes. I was majorly out of breath I needed to use my inhaler and then I went back and used the treadmill for another 15minutes this time on a 2.5 incline and 3.5mph.

It was a nice workout and of course I then walked home which is a 20minute walk, so I definitely got in good amount of exercise today :).

Terry asked me to promise him I would go in the gym every day this week. For me that will be through saturday it is new years eve I will not be coming in sunday and most likely not going to make it in monday because I will be out all night on sunday!!! If I do make it in on monday I will go late afternoon. But I will make it in through saturday this week !



Merry Christmas everyone! I trust you all had a nice holiday!

Well, Christmas eve, was great. I arrived at my parents house around 9:00Pm. My cousin Ellen was there with her family, so that was a nice surprise! I usually don’t see her until Christmas day.We had chicken parmesan, spaghetti, string beans, and a few seafood dishes. We had all kinds of Christmas cookies on the table for dessert. Everything was delicious.  My dish was the chicken parmesan, minus the parmesan,  with string beans. I had a few cookies, 2 chocolate snowballs, 1 chocolate chip, 1 jelly/sugar, and a magic bar (Terry’s might be a bit disappointed).

During Christmas time and pretty much any holiday the food never ends!

Christmas morning my family started at around 9:00. My sister (Christie) her boyfriend and I each gave our gifts to each other and each of our parents. Then came our gifts. My parents as I have mentioned before, have always made Christmas so very special! They buy multiple presents and stack them in one pile for me and one for my sister. Now they truly don’t need to do this and it would still be so great! It is pretty amazing though, my parents regularly show us how they love. However, on Christmas time they love to go all out for each other,  which is so nice to see it expressed that way as well.

After Christie and I opened our presents we all sat together for egg casserole and bread for breakfast. The next round was watching my parents open gifts that they got for each other. It is so wonderful to watch that! Afterwards I baked my chocolate/butterscotch (minus the peppermint) bark. We then emptied our stockings starting with our dog Roxie’s. Roxie’s stocking was heavier than all of ours put together. I bought her a pink shirt that says I ❤ Miami Beach! The rest of her goodies were several treats. My family and I truly are obsessed with Roxie it is a sickness. Our dog before we got Roxie was Coconut. We have been blessed with two dogs with sharp great personalities! 🙂 Enough about that for now, stay tuned for more about silly Roxie next time:)

At 4:00 we headed to my Aunt Linda’s house in New York. There was traffic so we arrived there a bit late but there were still some people missing. However, you have to understand something with my family, especially during the holidays the eating is on-going, food just keeps on coming, so it doesn’t really make a difference what time you come.

My sister, Christie made her amazing pepperoni bread-SO good, my parents made a savory turkey, and there was macaroni and cheese, meatballs, bread, bread, bread, and more new food put out every time you blinked. For dessert we had several pies, apple, pumpkin, pecan, my bark, store-bought christmas cookies, chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and I might be forgetting some others.

My cousins and I than revealed secret santas, which was nice and crazy, as usual but I enjoyed it. Everyone got some great gifts this year. I got some nice lotions and a gift card for Banana. More importantly we all got to see each other, everyone got a gift and seemed to all enjoy their gifts.

It was a wonderful weekend!  🙂 I kind of felt like one of santa’s helpers as it was a quick trip I appeared on saturday night and then disappeared, left last night the day after Christmas. I’m so glad I did it though! Back to the gym today after work!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah  Everyone!

After work this afternoon I am headed up north! Christmas for my family is huge!

When I land in Connecticut tonight I will be baking the Chocolate,Butterscotch, Peppermint bark, as everyone thoroughly enjoyed it here and family and facebook friends seemed enticed by the picture :).

I am so excited to see my family. On Christmas eve one of my aunts, Linda and Uncle James, and two cousins Jess and Jamie come to my parents house. We exchange gifts and of course eat a ton of food. Then Christmas morning is spent at the house with me and my sister our dog Roxie and my parents. We exchange gifts and enjoy the time together! My parents are so amazing they have always made Christmas so very special between the 4 of us!

In the afternoon every Christmas my mom’s whole side of the family gets together. We go to my Aunt Linda’s house along with my moms other siblings and their kids, and kid’s kids. We also have family friends there to add into the mix. I would say there is usually around 30-40 people over the house! My oldest cousin, Ellen drives with her kids from Virginia every year. My cousin Jess now lives in Virginia also makes that drive with her husband. My Aunt Norma is now coming from Virginia as well. And now this year I  am jumping on a plane to get there from Miami! Everyone else is coming from New York and Connecticut. Everyone contributes and brings something however Aunt Linda always over cooks as she always thinks there won’t be enough food and there is always a ton! Either way the food is amazing- can’t wait! 🙂

There are 13 cousins (including me and my sister) who are first generation. Every year, as we have gotten older we have decided to do secret santa and then we are free to give cousin’s kids gifts at our disposal. And of course we all give our aunts and uncles gifts of our own.

Christmas is the one holiday where everyone gets to see each other.  It is something I look forward to every year!

Good Things!

The other night I signed an offer letter for a new apartment!

Last night, my realtor accepted the counter offer on my behalf. He then requested that we all move forward with the paperwork!

I am hopefully going to be the new tenant come Jan1, 2012!

As long as all goes well (which I can’t imagine it would not) I will be there soon! 🙂

I will be in a great mostly furnished fabulous one bedroom, one bath, with a great walk-in closet, an awesome balcony view of the city, a huge pool, and right on the beach! Everything is walk-able and my backyard is the beach!!

I am so excited! Stay tuned for pictures when its official! 🙂

Stick to it-Do not lose momentum!

Hi Guys,

Well today was a great workout! The picture illustrates a move I did but without using the kettlebell.
Tuesday night I worked a 12hr shift, I came in on my day off on Monday, and then I
worked today 7-3. Needless to say I was tired, I absolutely did not want to go to the gym.

I know this is a key time to push myself to get there!
I don’t want to lose momentum! I did bring all of my things with me to go from work, and on top of that I had a session with Terry! These are all great for motivation!

At 4:00 I made it into the gym. I started off on the treadmill for 3.3 mph on a 2.5 incline. I did 1 mile and came in two minutes earlier than Monday, not by too much, but its something and  I also didn’t have to slow down on the treadmill to cool off.  I definitely see and feel an improvement from the first day I began.

Terry had me do a cycle of repetition today. After the treadmill, I used a resistance band. I raised one arm up, and at the same time I extended the other straight to my hip. I did this for 20 reps and then moved on to using the TRX holding both straps over my head and tight I flexed my arms up and then down till my elbows were level with my shoulders. He had me do this for 20 reps.

Next I held a round 10lb weight I squat and touch weight to the floor at the same time as I squeeze in my core and butt to rise I lift up the weight straight up above my head. I did this 30 reps. I then used the resistance band and repeated the cycle for 20 reps. I did 20 Jumping Jacks and then again used the TRX but this time I held it falling back into a squat and balance on my heels squeezed my core and butt and rise until my arm was straight and then back down did this 30 reps. Next Terry had me do 30 Jumping jacks.

After jumping jacks terry had me sit on a step first with my right leg and holding his hand I stand up and sit down only using my left leg for 20 reps. I then repeated for another 20reps switching legs.

Next I did several lunges (he had me hold my towel with my arms up over my head the entire time) all the way down the gym (WOW did that BURN). When I got to the end of the gym I turned back and did several lunges down the gym( again with the towel). I can’t quite decide which one is harder front or back lunges! He then had me do back lunges, extending my leg back knee down butt low and then bring that same leg with knee up as high as you can go doing this 30 reps each left.

I finished up the session on the treadmill for 10 minutes. This time Terry had me use an incline of 15 at 2.5 mph. He told me to walk in long strides. I worked out everything today and did not lose momentum- mission completed 🙂 !

Push-Push-Push Yourself!


After I went into work for a few hours, I had a session with Terry.

Terry pushes me, which is a good thing! However,  as predicted, today the obstacle was back to haunt me!

As planned I did better this time around!  I was smarter about it and although it was hard to breathe I wasn’t dying like last week!

I completed the obstacle in 10 minutes in one direction and then 11 minutes on the way back. The 11 minutes was all because I had to fix some of the mats.

Let me explain, One of the tasks was squatting and lifting as many mats as I could and keeping them neatly stacked and organized on the other side of the studio. On the way back I had to make sure it was 9 trips to making sure the mats were all there and neatly set up. I had to lift a weighted rope and tie it around the pole on the other side of the room. I had to squat, lift, and carry first the blue 15lb balls one by one and stack them in the opposite corner on the other side of the room then I had to carry the gray balls, and then the red ones, and stack them all one by one.

What is important is that I completed the obstacle and I am still alive in the end. When I did it on Wednesday, I had to use my inhaler several times, I could not do it! BUT this time although he gave me more time, today there were more steps, and I was able to do it without needing my inhaler!

This was definitely an accomplishment!

I do hope I won’t have to face the obstacle again though- next please :)!

Day of Exercise, outside of the gym

Hello world,

So, I plan to make an effort to go to the gym on days I am not with my trainer. Miami is so beautiful which encourages me to exercise outdoors from the gym.

Today, I had planned to incorporate exercise in my day. I did not enter the walls of the gym, I did not do 6miles on the bike, I decided to walk! I walked from 11am-4pm.

I walked all over the place. Along the boardwalk of the beach, into town, up and down, to the shopping center and back. I bought my last few Christmas gifts, some groceries, and then walked back home with the bags. I not only got my walk in but carrying all the bags gave me some arm exercise. Needless to say I was happy with myself.  🙂

I do still plan to make it to the gym when I am not training, however if the sun is calling my name I will be outside!

Tomorrow I workout with Terry!