My Career Debacle

I would like to say I have come to some sort of grand decision of what it is I’m going to do with my life. I have decided writing out my thoughts helps me make some sense of things. There have been bumps in the road and I have certainly learned a lot of lessons. As I continue to learn more I am enjoying writing about it and maybe some day it can also help others so here it goes…

Here’s my story:

I lost my job back in the second week of February 2009. I, in fact left a job [that was going nowhere] for the job that I wound up losing- so, there was much frustration towards that fact alone. With the time off I found myself constantly looking within, wondering what on earth I should be doing with my life. Every day I am self-analyzing focusing on what my skills are and what I like to do. I realize I’m crazy. I mean, after a very, very difficult day when I lost my job, a few hours after crying my eyes out, I stood up, got on the computer, and applied to some jobs.  Meanwhile, during that time I was looking to move near work. Luckily I hadn’t yet moved! Nonetheless, losing my job turned my life quite a bit. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

I have been in fashion for several years, between this crummy economy and losing my job, it’s made me question whether this is the ultimate industry for me. I keep asking myself if fashion is what I want to do. I have experienced retail on the selling floor and wholesale in the showroom. I even attempted to start my own business in fashion consulting/ closet organizing.  At the time I decided that I didn’t have enough ducks in a row to stick to the business, my heart just wasn’t ready for it. After quite a few experiences with clients, I know what I would not want my business to be if I decide to do it in the future. That’s what the problem was I had to work out the details more thoroughly. Anyway, after that brief start of my independent business I really questioned everything and decided to put it on hold.

When you are unemployed there is a lot of time to examine yourself. A lot of lessons and useful tools are out there for the learning:

I had been taking the time to explore what I enjoy. I like fashion, people, music, art, children, traveling, sales, marketing and merchandising. And then I look at what it is I like about each of those. In fashion I like that it makes someone feel good about them-self. I love how fashion is always changing. I love taking a trend and putting my own spin on it. I love how a look speaks to its audience regardless of whether its intentional or otherwise. I enjoy interacting with people in a professional and or social manner.

I love music! Singing is one of my major passions in life. It is such a joy when I hear the right song that reflects my thoughts or feelings at any given moment. I love singing for an audience it gave me such a rush while on stage. I have such an appreciation for art. I love the way every piece of art is personally created, the pure creativity, and the interpretations a piece allows. I find it extremely extraordinary the way an artist can use the same media and create such amazingly different pieces. I adore children. They are so precious. I love to make children smile.When I visit an ill child it is truly remarkable, for a moment they forget how difficult their little life is at this time. It’s an incredible feeling which definitely puts things into prospective.

I love to travel, to see new places and different cultures. One day I would love to be a resident , perhaps somewhere in Europe. I enjoy sales, I am pretty good at it, however if I enjoy the product like fashion,  than of course I am going to like it. I love to throw together an outfit and I like marketing and merchandising, they all allow me to be creative. I can set up clothes in a beautiful way that gives ideas and makes it appealing to the eye. I enjoy promoting a brand and coming up with ideas on ways for successful business. I continue to explore these all more in-depth.


5 thoughts on “My Career Debacle

  1. katmcdaniel says:

    There are so many others with similar experiences. We have to follow our creative spirit and somehow that seems to lead us to each other.
    Best wishes,

  2. It can have a devastating effect, losing a job, then finding out that it appears you have no worth, despite the qualities you have, which you know are so much better than many you know who have jobs – it can be very tough indeed.
    The longest I was jobless for was 18 months and I went thought the usual, job application, CV writing, the lot. Then realized I was underestimating myself And how? because I frenently found I was being interviewd by a person who even I would not employ! I was obvioulsy going for jobs that frankly a chinmpanzee could do. So I set my sights far higher – after all what did I have to lose? Eventually I snagged one – a good one and never looked back and was I qualified academically for the job? – of course not – but as always it’s got nothing to do with it. I clicked with the guy offering the job, I was myself and I was honest.
    Maybe that part of it.
    Don’t “down” yourself – talk yourself up – you ARE better than so many out there and you have so much to give – but you’ve got to push yourself forward – you CAN do it.
    Let’s face it – you write very well indeed – better than the average in fact – how many of your peers can do that? Think about it – and they’ve got jobs!
    Go for it.
    Oh and thanks for dropping by to my little Art site – I’m retired now so jobs are not an issue, but for you a job IS important – as it can give you a Pension, which is now my saviour.

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