Living in Miami

Hello Miami!

So, ten months ago  I moved from Connecticut in mid-march, which is the best time to be in Miami. I gladly moved to the warmth, but coincidentally I managed to escape the brutal winter. I  moved here for a job opportunity, for the sun, and the fun. When I moved everything happened so quickly! I had gone in for an interview at a famous Miami beach hotel. Two days later I was offered the position, and one day later, I accepted. I started orientation three days later then flew back to Connecticut to say goodbye and pack.  Two days later I moved to sunny Miami! The job is what got me moving to Miami, however it is not what made me want to stay.

Miami has everything, The city, the restaurants, art, music, and fashion. This weekend in fact, is the famous event Art Basel. For three years, I have been attempting to fly in and experience Basel. This year, now that I live here,  there is no excuse for me not to make it! This Sunday I plan to finally attend and I am very excited. I will hopefully get away with taking pictures which (if I can take them) I will absolutely be posting! There are so many different kinds of people from all over the world. There are music festivals, monthly art festivals, Food and wine festivals, and Miami Spice.

Winter can be a little on the chilly side but no snow! There is sun 90% of the time so I truly enjoy that fact. It does rain a lot during the Summer, I didn’t realize that it is hurricane season. I’m not crazy about the amount of rain, but I still wanted to stay. I still have much to learn of Miami, I am not quite done.


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