Oh, Miami

Hello all,

I woke up late this morning (9:40) as I got to sleep in because today I work the Pm shift (3-11). The sun was so beautiful this morning, however it was in and out today. The clouds could not seem to make up it’s mind. It rained for a brief 10minutes while I was visiting friends. It was a little windy but not bad it was a pleasurable walk to work 🙂

This morning at around 11:00 for breakfast I made some Quaker oatmeal with a little bit of honey. There is something so comforting when I eat oatmeal. It is so hearty and fills me up nicely. I feel the same way about cold cereal if I’m in the mood for it I’ll enjoy a great bowl of cheerios, life, or crispix with some skim milk. This food is what I consider my comfort food. I believe usually comfort food is a bowl of soup, while I’ll occasionally enjoy a cup but it is not my go-to. After breakfast I prepared dinner to bring with me to work.

On the way to work I hit up one of my favorites, Pinocchio Cafe for a great cup of iced coffee. If I die for the coffee, I’m going to have it. I need to not deprive myself or I might slip up my diet.

For dinner I made pasta with olive oil, garlic powder, and a dash of salt. Sadly I forgot to grab an apple before I left to go to work. Tonight I am going to a party later on so I wanted to make sure I have something substantial in my belly as I predict it will be a pretty long night of fun.


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