Training Day

Good evening virtual world,

Today was a nice hot day in Miami. Unfortunately, my allergies are acting up. However, today after too long of feeling sick I made it back to the gym. I started up with my trainer again and he kicked my butt!

It was mostly a legs and glutes work out today. It started with 20 sets using  cables which I extend my arms and lean back and squat where I used my glutes to push myself up (felt it a bit in my arms too).

Next I worked more glutes Using a mat I kneeled with one leg and extended my right leg straight out, and raised my left arm straight up right hand on the mat. I then leaned my raised arm toward my extended leg and pushing in with my glutes while I raised my arm  straight up again. After 18 sets I switched legs and arms and started again.

He then had me do squats while holding an 8 pound ball. Next for about 15 minutes I walked on the treadmill on an  incline. After that he had me do lunges all the way to the back of the gym. I finished off with 20Squats. After training I walked around for a while and then home, needless to say my legs got a nice long work out soreness is amidst.


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