Positive Energy

Good morning,

Do you ever notice how positive energy generally bounces off from person to person? The same tends to go with negative energy,  if you allow it to. There is something to be said about thinking positively. Yes, my legs and glutes are still incredibly sore from between the gym the other day and walking. However, I continue to stretch and work out and I know the soreness will go away. Now, (by all means) I am not always the happy camper, which I enjoy and hope to at least appear to be. However, when things are rough I remind myself to breathe, and breathe, and relax.

This morning, got off to a bit of a rocky start. For whatever the reason, I did not sleep well. Normally, I have a nice deep sleep however last night, this was not the case. Regardless, I just know it will be a good day. The weather is beautiful and good things are coming my way. After work I will finish Christmas shopping once and for all. I still need to get gifts for my mom, and a couple of cousins. I am continuing on track, I am going grocery shopping, and looking at a possible apartment for my new home :). I definitely feel when you focus on the good then nothing can get in your way. Yes unfortunately bad does happen but there is good that will come out of it. There is also a sense of mental health when you are able to free your mind and not waste your time and energy on being negative.

When working with the public it feels pretty great when I get to spread my own positive energy. Now, I am not naive, I know there are people who are unable to get out of their funks if they are down. However, it does feel good to help others feel at ease and that they can enjoy them selves. For example, I have worked with so many people who initially had been having a bad day until they have walked into my work. They have a good experience and have flat out admitted to truly enjoying coming in. “I was just having a horrible day and you just made me smile.” There are people who have that power and I think it is truly remarkable. I have been told that I have the ability as well. Today is going to be a good day enjoy it. 🙂


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