“Keep Up The Good Work”

haha no, thats not me this picture illustrates what I speak of Keep Up the Good Work guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello world!

This week has been a pretty long work week. One of my co-workers was sick so I worked a 12 hour shift. On one hand it was a good thing because I was able to earn time and a half so this week’s check is going to have some nice numbers ๐Ÿ™‚ The downer was I wasn’t able to see my trainer because he was unable to move my session later after work. However, I did fit a good walk in on the way home, so at least that is something.

Today at 1:00 I had a session with my trainer before work. The only downer is I had to bring my work clothes with me to shower and change into afterwards. I really would love my training to be Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday so that I wouldn’t have to shower at the gym.

Today’s training agenda: Mainly legs, some abs, some butt, some arms

  • I started on the treadmill with a 1mile walk 3.2 mph on an incline that he kept raising.
  • Next I sat on an exercise ball with 8lb dumb-bell in each hand. I kept them at my sides and for 20 reps I raised my arms level with my elbows and then released back to my sides each time.
  • After that he had me do 20 back lunges and then using the same leg bringing my knee up. He had me do 20 reps each leg. Following lunges I did 20 jumping jacks.
  • The next thing I did was squats.ย  I did about 30 squats. I am really trying to perfect them as my trainer keeps pushing me to stick my butt out and really use my heels to balance more.
  • After squats I used the leg press. The first move I put both feet on the post back and butt against the seat. While I pushed down with my heels without using my toes I squeezed my butt while extending and pushing the weight until my legs were straight. I did this for 20 Reps and then my trainer had me do it while putting the pressure with both whole feet. After, he had me do one leg at a time (wow painful) hopefully it won’t hurt after I do it a while.
  • The next stretch of my day was focusing on abs. I lied down on a mat on my back. my trainer held his hand above my knees. I kept my legs on the mat squeezing in my abs I push myself up and reached at his hands. I repeated this for 20 Reps. After that I stay laying down lift both legs straight in the air palms on the mat. While I squeezed in my abs, I push up my hips balancing with my hands pushing to see how many times and how far I can get my legs to come over my head. I did this for 20Reps.

After the workout I showered, changed, and went to work. My legs are sore I definitely feel the workout, however I’m not as sore as I was after my workout the other day. This is some great motivation to keep going :). The more you workout the less it hurts and the better you feel. I knew this as a fact but again I am reminded because I am experiencing it personally, so I know it to be true. As one of my fathers favorite phrases, I tell myself and all of you “Keep up the good work!”


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