Fashion and Art Merge

Hello all,

Don’t you just love the way fashion and art merge?! There are two categories which have me head over heels, and that is the fashion art and of course the every day fashion!

Fashion Art defines all the amazing designs which I can’t help but marvel at. They are the pieces which I fantasize about creating and wearing. These are the designs I love to examine all of the intricate detail involved in producing such artwork. When I’m looking to be wowed I’ll go to a fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan museum in New york where they have classics like the history of Coco Chanel. There is also the beautiful designer’s exhibit at FIT.  There are some places located in fashion heaven, where you get to see the clothing up close and personal! This includes  Saks, Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales, and my new love, the store at the Webster here in Miami. There are all kinds of colors and push-the-envelope– amazing pieces. I take in the delicious colors, I feel the fabrics, and I melt. Webster and most department stores feature a special exclusive designer label which makes the piece or limited collection very special.

Magazines also feed my love for fashion art. I love to look at InStyle’s ‘We’re obsessed’ snapshots. They feature amazing pieces such as this beautiful Emporio Armani!

Every day fashion is just that, the fashion which I can not live without. It is the fashion which the fantasy has possibility of becoming reality. What I love about every day fashion is that for me, I can take a trend and make my own spin of it. I tend to do well at Express. I love to take a casual top and dress it up with a great shoe or fabulous sequin skirt. When I lived in Connecticut during the winter I continued to wear my summer favorites by making them winter friendly. Fall and winter fashion, especially in the north is about layering. When I was visiting home for thanksgiving I wore my short black dress (from T.J Max) with dolman sleeves  (normally meant for the summer or miami) I wore it with Black leggings and my purple suede booties- A great look! I like to explore T.J Max occasionally to check out what fabulous reasonable priced pieces they are featuring. Occasionally, I do well when I go to the gap. I sometimes take a look in Urban outfitters, when I’m in the mood to dig I can find great unique pieces that I can use to transform multiple outfits. I also love designs of  BCBG, Theory, and Nannette Lapore, to name a few.

                           Some Great Everyday fashion :


7For All Mankind

Great boots to show-off by tucking in the jeans!



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