Sweat it out!

Hello all,

Today was a beautiful day 78 degrees! I had a major workout with my trainer.

I did half a mile on the treadmill with an incline of 15 at 3.1 mph

Then we headed in the studio space . First, he had me walk straight to the back only using my toes. I then walked backwards on my toes. Next he had me walk from side to side. On my toes I  took a step first with my right foot and crossed over using my left foot on my toes all the way to the end of the room. I then switched my feet and started again.

My trainer then had me do a squat slide all the way down the studio room. I step with my left foot out Squat down butt out moving my body all the way through the room.

The next exercise of the day was working with a weighted rope. I bent my knees gripped the rope first with my right hand on top of my left. I had to jerk the rope to make waves down the whole rope 10reps. After 10 he had me breathe and rest and then I did another 10 reps. After a rest he had me keep my elbows at my sides while I moved my shoulders I whipped the rope from side to side.

Next using the rope I whipped the rope up to down and ending the movement in a squat each time. Wow did I feel that!

After a great sweat, we discussed about mapping out a whole plan… this refers to my health plan, see entry:) He hooked me up with a multi vitamin, a fat burner and shake to kick- start my metabolism. He is not the trainer to say all of that will make me fit and be the answer to losing weight. He says this is to kick start it (nip it in the bud), while also incorporating a healthy diet, regular work out routines, and sleep.


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