Well, today my trainer handed me my a$$.

First off I began the session as always on the treadmill he was running late so I did 2 miles instead of 1.

When Terry, my trainer arrived we went into the studio space. He first had me do squats from side to side all the way down the room and then all the way back. Then he had me on my toes only with arms out like wings I pretty much sashayed to the other side of the room.

Terry then, created me an obstacle course: I was to complete in under 5 minutes The first part I did in 7minutes exactly. I then had to repeat the obstacle in the other direction but this time I had to do it in 3Minutes! I don’t even know how long It took, I pretty much was dying.

After that he put me on the bike: I Burned 200 calories rode 6miles in under 40 minutes! Although I don’t care for the bike I am thinking maybe I should push myself to use it again and see if I can do another 6 miles aka burn another 200 calories!

I was a little discouraged after not being able to accomplish the obstacle in 3 minutes but after the bike although a little dizzy after , I felt pretty impressed with myself-I GOT THROUGH IT!

I need to keep it up! I don’t know that I can do the obstacle but I’m pretty sure my trainer is going to taunt me with it again next week. BUT I will do better next time around!


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