Sweat,Sweat, and More Sweat

This morning I trained with Terry.

I started off on the treadmill for 1mile at 3.3mph, on a 2.5incline I did 1mile in 18minutes.

When Terry came in he had me use the step! I am 5’0 so it was pretty comical, when I stepped up I was a bit taller than Terry who is about 6’4.

Afterwards, while holding a weight in back of my neck I did 15 reps of  squats

Next, I held a round 10lb weight with both hands. As I came up from a squat I raised the weight and  my elbows.

Terry than had me do 30 jumping jacks

Next I held a weight, keeping my arms at my sides I held it with my palms facing upwards. I  curled my arms up to my elbows while squeezing my abs and shoulders back and kept my knees a little bent. I did this for 20reps

I then did lunges, 20 reps for each leg and in each directio.n

My next exercise was using the resistance band.  I bent my knees a little and while pulling on the band one handle at a time I flexed my elbows one by one for 20 reps.

The last stretch of the session, again using band I did squats balancing only on my heels…  let it burn, let it burn!

I had a great workout!


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