Push-Push-Push Yourself!


After I went into work for a few hours, I had a session with Terry.

Terry pushes me, which is a good thing! However,  as predicted, today the obstacle was back to haunt me!

As planned I did better this time around!  I was smarter about it and although it was hard to breathe I wasn’t dying like last week!

I completed the obstacle in 10 minutes in one direction and then 11 minutes on the way back. The 11 minutes was all because I had to fix some of the mats.

Let me explain, One of the tasks was squatting and lifting as many mats as I could and keeping them neatly stacked and organized on the other side of the studio. On the way back I had to make sure it was 9 trips to making sure the mats were all there and neatly set up. I had to lift a weighted rope and tie it around the pole on the other side of the room. I had to squat, lift, and carry first the blue 15lb balls one by one and stack them in the opposite corner on the other side of the room then I had to carry the gray balls, and then the red ones, and stack them all one by one.

What is important is that I completed the obstacle and I am still alive in the end. When I did it on Wednesday, I had to use my inhaler several times, I could not do it! BUT this time although he gave me more time, today there were more steps, and I was able to do it without needing my inhaler!

This was definitely an accomplishment!

I do hope I won’t have to face the obstacle again though- next please :)!


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