Stick to it-Do not lose momentum!

Hi Guys,

Well today was a great workout! The picture illustrates a move I did but without using the kettlebell.
Tuesday night I worked a 12hr shift, I came in on my day off on Monday, and then I
worked today 7-3. Needless to say I was tired, I absolutely did not want to go to the gym.

I know this is a key time to push myself to get there!
I don’t want to lose momentum! I did bring all of my things with me to go from work, and on top of that I had a session with Terry! These are all great for motivation!

At 4:00 I made it into the gym. I started off on the treadmill for 3.3 mph on a 2.5 incline. I did 1 mile and came in two minutes earlier than Monday, not by too much, but its something and  I also didn’t have to slow down on the treadmill to cool off.  I definitely see and feel an improvement from the first day I began.

Terry had me do a cycle of repetition today. After the treadmill, I used a resistance band. I raised one arm up, and at the same time I extended the other straight to my hip. I did this for 20 reps and then moved on to using the TRX holding both straps over my head and tight I flexed my arms up and then down till my elbows were level with my shoulders. He had me do this for 20 reps.

Next I held a round 10lb weight I squat and touch weight to the floor at the same time as I squeeze in my core and butt to rise I lift up the weight straight up above my head. I did this 30 reps. I then used the resistance band and repeated the cycle for 20 reps. I did 20 Jumping Jacks and then again used the TRX but this time I held it falling back into a squat and balance on my heels squeezed my core and butt and rise until my arm was straight and then back down did this 30 reps. Next Terry had me do 30 Jumping jacks.

After jumping jacks terry had me sit on a step first with my right leg and holding his hand I stand up and sit down only using my left leg for 20 reps. I then repeated for another 20reps switching legs.

Next I did several lunges (he had me hold my towel with my arms up over my head the entire time) all the way down the gym (WOW did that BURN). When I got to the end of the gym I turned back and did several lunges down the gym( again with the towel). I can’t quite decide which one is harder front or back lunges! He then had me do back lunges, extending my leg back knee down butt low and then bring that same leg with knee up as high as you can go doing this 30 reps each left.

I finished up the session on the treadmill for 10 minutes. This time Terry had me use an incline of 15 at 2.5 mph. He told me to walk in long strides. I worked out everything today and did not lose momentum- mission completed 🙂 !


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