Merry Christmas everyone! I trust you all had a nice holiday!

Well, Christmas eve, was great. I arrived at my parents house around 9:00Pm. My cousin Ellen was there with her family, so that was a nice surprise! I usually don’t see her until Christmas day.We had chicken parmesan, spaghetti, string beans, and a few seafood dishes. We had all kinds of Christmas cookies on the table for dessert. Everything was delicious.  My dish was the chicken parmesan, minus the parmesan,  with string beans. I had a few cookies, 2 chocolate snowballs, 1 chocolate chip, 1 jelly/sugar, and a magic bar (Terry’s might be a bit disappointed).

During Christmas time and pretty much any holiday the food never ends!

Christmas morning my family started at around 9:00. My sister (Christie) her boyfriend and I each gave our gifts to each other and each of our parents. Then came our gifts. My parents as I have mentioned before, have always made Christmas so very special! They buy multiple presents and stack them in one pile for me and one for my sister. Now they truly don’t need to do this and it would still be so great! It is pretty amazing though, my parents regularly show us how they love. However, on Christmas time they love to go all out for each other,  which is so nice to see it expressed that way as well.

After Christie and I opened our presents we all sat together for egg casserole and bread for breakfast. The next round was watching my parents open gifts that they got for each other. It is so wonderful to watch that! Afterwards I baked my chocolate/butterscotch (minus the peppermint) bark. We then emptied our stockings starting with our dog Roxie’s. Roxie’s stocking was heavier than all of ours put together. I bought her a pink shirt that says I ❤ Miami Beach! The rest of her goodies were several treats. My family and I truly are obsessed with Roxie it is a sickness. Our dog before we got Roxie was Coconut. We have been blessed with two dogs with sharp great personalities! 🙂 Enough about that for now, stay tuned for more about silly Roxie next time:)

At 4:00 we headed to my Aunt Linda’s house in New York. There was traffic so we arrived there a bit late but there were still some people missing. However, you have to understand something with my family, especially during the holidays the eating is on-going, food just keeps on coming, so it doesn’t really make a difference what time you come.

My sister, Christie made her amazing pepperoni bread-SO good, my parents made a savory turkey, and there was macaroni and cheese, meatballs, bread, bread, bread, and more new food put out every time you blinked. For dessert we had several pies, apple, pumpkin, pecan, my bark, store-bought christmas cookies, chocolate cake, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and I might be forgetting some others.

My cousins and I than revealed secret santas, which was nice and crazy, as usual but I enjoyed it. Everyone got some great gifts this year. I got some nice lotions and a gift card for Banana. More importantly we all got to see each other, everyone got a gift and seemed to all enjoy their gifts.

It was a wonderful weekend!  🙂 I kind of felt like one of santa’s helpers as it was a quick trip I appeared on saturday night and then disappeared, left last night the day after Christmas. I’m so glad I did it though! Back to the gym today after work!


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