Work It, Le’ me Work It

Hello all,

Today was a productive day. I was definitely sleepy at the beginning. I did manage to recharge with two tall cups of iced coffee sugar and milk. It was necessary though! I was starving last night when I got home from the airport and so I didn’t want to go to bed without eating and then I didn’t want to go to bed immediately after eating either so I stayed up, and then I found myself thinking about things I wanted to do, for instance go to the gym today. This led me to getting around approximately 4,5 hours of sleep last night=not good!

As my day at work came to an end I became unsure if Terry remembered I texted him that I would train with him today since I want to do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday plus I was traveling last night so there was no way I was going to the gym yesterday. Anyway when I walked in I saw him and he remembered and then realized he put me down for tomorrow initially so had already scheduled someone. Still I was happy I made it to the gym and stayed an hour.

I started on the treadmill 3.4 mph, at around 15minutes during which Terry came by and added an incline of 6.5 and dropped to 2.5mph. He likes me to do Long strides when I’m on the incline squeeze in my butt and core while taking long strides. Its actually pretty exhausting more-so than walking at almost 4mph. After I hit 20minutes I went on the stair master for 10minutes. I then made my way to the cross-trainer and sweat on that for 5 minutes. I was majorly out of breath I needed to use my inhaler and then I went back and used the treadmill for another 15minutes this time on a 2.5 incline and 3.5mph.

It was a nice workout and of course I then walked home which is a 20minute walk, so I definitely got in good amount of exercise today :).

Terry asked me to promise him I would go in the gym every day this week. For me that will be through saturday it is new years eve I will not be coming in sunday and most likely not going to make it in monday because I will be out all night on sunday!!! If I do make it in on monday I will go late afternoon. But I will make it in through saturday this week !


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