Happy New Year all!

I hope you all had a happy new year!

Did everyone make their list of resolutions for 2012?!

This year I will be realistic. When I say realistic I mean when I plan to lose weight I don’t specify the exact pounds to lose. If I promise myself I’ll lose an exact number I am being unfair and unrealistic because I would just keep concentrating on the number which would set me up for failure. If I focus on missions to lose weight in general I have a better chance of success and in turn, the fact that I don’t specify exact pounds to lose I might like the way I look and feel at a weight that I wouldn’t have been okay with, if I didn’t reach the exact number planned. Here are my resolutions for 2012!

             Resolutions 2012

  • Focus on only the positive and if for a moment something upsetting occurs, think of a way to make it into a positive.
  • Move in my new apartment 😉
  • Eat healthier balanced diet
  • Keep up with the gym
  • Stay healthy (do not get sick)
  • Learn/ try something new
  • Start investing
  • Meet neighbors in new apartment
  • Save more money
  • Meet people
  • Have family and friends over for dinner
  • Lose weight
  • Cook healthy and more often

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