Hey guys,

I don’t know about you, but for me during the holidays things got kind of crazy.

I planned to go to the gym a lot more than I wound up actually going. The reason being in part because of working overtime another part was not feeling well enough to get there. The third part is a small part of the fact that I was; first out of town with my family, and then I had company.

Now these are not an excuse they are facts. Anyway regardless of fact or excuse, I still did not accomplish getting myself in the gym enough during the holidays. I do plan to make it in a lot more regularly! Today after work I had a training session with Terry.

I started on the treadmill for 1 mile on an incline of 5 at 3.3 mph it took me 18minutes. I let myself down I want to get there in less time each time, I will do better tomorrow! After the treadmill I used the resistance band. I extended my arms at full length balancing on my heels I squat down I squeeze my butt while I rise and keep my arms straight I did this for 15 reps. The next move I did also with the resistance band I bent my knees a little extended my arms and pulled the band to both sides slowly and then releasing slowly and squeezing in my core I went for 25 reps. I then continued using the resistance band bending my knees as I pulled on the band I brought the band to my left knee bringing my right arm over to my left side 25 reps and then switch sides for another 25 reps.

Terry then had me do lunges while holding a weighted ball. I had to extend my arms straight out with the ball and while holding it there lowering my knee. This was pretty difficult.  Next, I used the weighted rope again! First in 25 reps using one arm flapping it like a bird I whipped the rope. I then switched arms and repeated for 25 reps. Holding both ends of the rope moving only my arms squeezing my core and butt I made circles outside for 20 reps and then made circles with both arms inside for another 20 reps. Next, using all of my strength I had to create waves in the whole rope while holding both ends for 25 reps.

At the end of the session he put me on the treadmill, but this time I had to do all of the work. He wanted me to push the treadmill and make it go instead of turning it on, that way I can get a nice long stride out of it. He had me do it for 2 minutes. Lately my asthma has been pretty bad so I did have to stop near the end of the session to catch my breath. This was also I believe to be an indication of my being out of shape. I do not have a training session tomorrow however I will be working out. I planned and I agreed to shoot for the next two weeks to go to the gym every day and that is what I intend to do.

Cheers to wellness and fitness!


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