Family Time


On Wednesday afternoon, my parents began for their usual winter escape which they do every year, and I am excited. I get to see them for around 3 months. Now commonly, they get on my nerves however I’m more excited than anything. My parents flew in with Roxie on Wednesday. My cousin Jess on Thursday morning flew in, she had decided to take a trip since her hubby was out-of-town. It’s nice to have her around for more one on one time as I saw her during crazy thanksgiving and christmas. On christmas eve when my cousin Ellen overheard Jess’ plans to come she immediately booked a ticket to come! More fun! Ellen arrived friday night and we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Red! The food is absolutely phenomenal. When my parents come to town I have to admit I get spoiled, they take me to great restaurants. Red is a fantastic steak house with outrageous other food as well! They have a gigantic wine collection, amazing dishes great for sharing family style. We had our family friends Kathy and Ron join us. Among the 7 of us we had two porterhouse steaks, tomahawk steaks, several sides including corn, mac and cheese, spiced string beans, stuffed peppers, chop salad, escarole, and quite a bit of red and white wine. After the feast we ordered their amazing desserts which we all had a taste of. Hot donuts coated in powdered sugar and different dipping sauces=yum! My mother also ordered this banana pie which everyone said was amazing, (I’m not a personal fan of bananas). Nonetheless the meal was thoroughly enjoyed!!!!

The majority of the week was spent in the sun. We had quality time and got caught up with each other, gathered for great meals, and had some great laughs, what more could you ask for? 🙂

Last night it hit me, I haven’t lived with anyone for a while so when we were all preparing for dinner, although it felt nice it was also a little strange. My father grilled amazing chicken and sweet potato, and made an awesome salad. I brought some delicious chicken with me today for lunch. This afternoon I will be back in action at the gym!


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