Keeping My Promise!

Hi guys,

So, I made a commitment to make it in the gym every day. I am literally on a mission!  Now, that is a major step, I know I said (I mentioned in an entry) that I wanted to try ‘not to set myself up with promises’, however, I decided I would try to see if making a short term promise with my trainer would be successful. I promised him for the next few weeks with all of my might that I would make it to the gym every day!

I really and truly am going to do everything I can to do this. Yesterday, I had to go to a meeting with the condo association for my new apartment that I am trying to finalize renting. I wound up in the meeting for almost 3hours! I then walked my butt back towards work (its a 20 minute walk) to the gym.  I made it to the gym at 5:40. When I work out on my own I like to see if I can increase speed, weight, and beat the time I last made. I changed on the way to the gym so that I can pop my stuff in the locker and hit it! I saw Terry and he was thrilled.

I jumped on the treadmill for 1 mile. I increased my speed to 3.4 mph with an incline of 1.0. I completed 1mile in 17 min.59 sec ahh! I am trying to beat my time this did not count I beat by 1 second! Afterwards, I did some stretching and then had to jet. Ordinarily I would have stayed at the gym for an hour + but at least I got myself there. They do say if you can’t get in an hour but can squeeze in some time at the gym then do it! I got to keep momentum 🙂

Today I have a session with Terry! Time for a good sweat!


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