Apartment update


Ok guys so here is the latest and greatest. So the condo I have been fighting to move into has been complete ridiculousness. I already was approved by the owner and the owners agent whom which are the ones I’m renting from. However, the owners agent had to arrange it so that the Association has to screen me, interview me and until then I cannot move in! Now I should have been able to have an interview since before CHRISTMAS and this fool property manager of the Association has “conveniently” disappeared and I along with other tenants have been put on the back burner. As of yesterday it is now at the point where I had to threaten them “if I do not get the keys to my apartment TODAY then you all will be losing a TENANT.”  I’m thinking this might be a sign that this apartment was not meant to be mine!

Well lets see what happens today, it is currently 11:15am– I’ll see I guess


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