Energized with a nice sweat

Good day all,

So yesterday I had a nice work out at the gym! Again, I put in 1 mile on the treadmill -I have to find my strength and break my 18min cycle! I’m not a runner (yet any way) and I got to work my way to a  faster pace. After the treadmill Terry had me work on my arms and legs. I held an 8 pound kettle bell with both hands and using a step, beginning with my right foot up on the step, I used my left and took a step up, paused and then stepped down. I did this for 25 reps and then switched feet for another 25 reps.

Next I used an 8 pound dumb bell first in my right arm, I sat on an exercise ball holding the dumb bell up next to my head I slowly flexed my arm so that it was straight up over my head and then slowly released down. I repeated this for 15 reps and then switched arms. I then repeated this with 5 lbs.

I then used the TRX without bending my knees Terry had me fall back and while squeezing my core and my butt I pulled myself up straight for 25 reps. Next I jumped back on the treadmill for two minutes he shut the treadmill completely and made me do all the work to do nice long controlled strides really felt in my hamstrings!

After the treadmill I used the resistance band. I worked my shoulders and back. Terry is working to teach me how to use control and how slowly flexing and lifting and releasing  is a more effective workout and I really am seeing it. I feel the burn so much more when I don’t rush it. The first move I did was for my shoulders I stretched back with the band as far as it could go. I held the band straight out in front of me and as I pulled both ends in so that my elbows were level to my shoulders and I squeezed in my shoulders,  for 15 reps. I pulled and released slowly. I then targeted my back I pulled both ends so that my elbows were touching my sides and squeezed in my core and back as I brought in my elbows.

Next, using a weighted ball I did lunges. The other day I used the ball and held it straight out before I bent my knee. This time, before bending my knee I held the ball straight out and while down, with both hands I had to bring the ball to my left and then right and then stood up, paused, and then switched legs.

I finished up on the treadmill one more time for two minutes. Again, with all the power off, I had to move the treadmill with nice, slow- long strides. I left the gym energized with a nice sweat 🙂 Back to the gym today!


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