Apartment, slowly but surely!

Hey Guys,

So, I am thoroughly excited! This weekend I started moving into my apartment! The owners agent and property management have proven to both be, t0 put it simply, morons. First the property manager disappeared and the owners agent, well they didn’t do anything right throughout the entire renting process and unfortunately I’m  not finished dealing with their stupidity. I have my keys but  I don’t have a mailbox key or key Fob for into the building because, although they had over a month to have them ready they couldn’t do that properly. They never had the stuff in the apartment removed and there are various cracks in walls and lights are without covers over the bulbs. So there are a lot of little things but they all certainly add up. Once the place comes together and they do their job I can completely move in. It really is a nice apartment, I started moving in my stuff in closets but I can’t really move in until things are DONE. Little by little it is coming together though. I am very excited to put out my new bedding and find stuff to decorate with :)!


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