Have You Tried Actively Sitting At Work?


Most of my jobs over the years have had me standing on my feet. I have had a few jobs at desks but always involving running around in addition to computer work. Frequently, I find articles about getting exercise while sitting at work. This caters to ensuring that your always moving and is said to help improve posture and soreness. I do like to move around, after sitting for too long I feel the need to stand for a while and stretch. Today I found another article about being active at work when your in an office environment.

Courtesy of spark people :

Actively Sitting At Work

After years of trying to find comfortable, ergonomic desk chairs, many workers are opting to ditch the chairs altogether to sit on an exercise ball during their workdays. Sitting on a stability ball challenges your balance and engages your core muscles, (abs, lower back, hips, obliques) more than a stable surface like a regular chair. Plus Sitting actively can improve posture and experts believe its better to move around rather than sitting in one place for long periods of time. Sitting on a stability ball for long periods of time can tire out large and small muscles. Try using it be 30 minutes at a time, switching between the ball and the regular chair at your own comfort level.

Time Involved: As long as you like

Body Benefit: Better posture


Has anyone ever tried actively sitting? If so please let me know has it worked for you? Perhaps, I’ll try this at home first 🙂


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