Get in that Cardio!

Hello world,

On Sunday and Monday I didn’t make it to the gym. However, I definitely got in some good cardio! Yesterday, I had a power session with Terry. As things have been pretty crazy with trying to get things done so that I can move in my apartment, I was running a bit behind in getting to the gym. After work I had to stop home to change,  as I thought I might need to meet with my relater. I figured I would be near home, so I could change my clothes afterwards. I did not wind up meeting with my relater, instead after work, I walked 20minutes home to change my clothes, switch my bag, and then walked another 20minutes back to go to the gym. Needless to say, after my workout I’d be walking another 20minutes back to go home.

I started on the treadmill for 1 mile, I started at 3.5 and ended at 3.7 on an incline of 15 and finished in 17:29 minute- Finally, I broke my 18:00 minutes cycle and increased my speed! I focused on arms, and butt today. After the treadmill I sat on a step. Balancing on only one foot while my left foot in the air I stood up and paused. Every time I stood up I squeezed in my butt and core I repeated this for 25 reps and then switched feet and again, repeated for 25 reps.

Next, I did arm curls with 10 pounds in each arm for 3o reps. I then used a resistance band using a towel in between my arms I did the curls keeping the towel even and in place with each movement.

I then while pulling to hold onto a towel from one end as Terry held it strong at the other end, I let myself fall back into a squat for 35 reps. Next I hopped back on the treadmill I had to push the treadmill to make long strides non-stop for two minutes. I then went back to squats for 20 reps.

After the workout, off I went to walk another 20minutes back home. I definitely got in good exercise for the day! 🙂


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