Golden Globe Fashion Hot and Not!

Hi Guys,

This year, Golden Globe definitely sported some hot looks on the red carpet but there were also quite a few Hell no’s in my book.

Starting with this hot number…

Hot!! Sofia Vergara of Modern Family really pulled off this gorgeous gown in midnight blue!

Hot! I’m not sure who this is but I like the lace, I like the idea of the black belt but not sold on this belt!

Hot! Although I’m not crazy about the fact that this dress looks tie-dyed Sarah Michelle manages to pull it off in my book!


NOT! This dress reminds me of when I was a little girl playing dress-up and even then I would grab the bright pretty colors. It might as well be a yucky tarp, just saying!

Hot! Reese never disappoints and this hot red number continues to prove that. I love the sweetheart neckline!

Hot! Can it Be? It is, it is Rachel Berry! Lea Michele looks elegant in her sexy silver gown. I love the way the beautiful hem falls. I personally am not crazy for the sheer chiffon but I think she pulls it off with flying colors!

This dress is a Hit-Miss for me. I like it but I think maybe the white is not striking enough. Perhaps if the bodice was silver that would be an absolute hot!

Why does Mila Kunis looks so unhappy in this photo? She is pretty and I like the hair slicked back but I don’t care for this dress- its a Not in my book!

Look at Tina in that raspberry beauty! I take away some points for her hair she should cut her hair short or make it look fuller if she’s going to wear it down.

Hot! Natalie Portman skinny-mini can pull of this great Pink  number! Ladies with curves and a butt should not be seen in this dress as the body of it is full on the back and side. I personally don’t like it on me but it looks great on miss skinny-mini!

HOT! This dress is sexy in fantastic feathers. Love the plunging halter neck and the color is great!

Not! I love the black but not a fan of the hem! Perhaps its the way shes standing! I do love her hair though!

So pretty and feminine!

Hot! This dress is flawless in my book! The bodice is a sexy corset and the gown flows beautifully!

NOT! Justin’s fiance is sporting a very matronly gown! If the dress was either shorter sleeved, or no sleeve with the skirt long than perhaps I would let it slide! Jessica Biel is pretty but the ‘just out of bed’  hair and the dress were bad decisions all the way!

Not- Zoey pulls off the awkwardness in her adorable show New Girl but I ‘m not feeling the green bodice. It looks like grass and her bangs are blocking her face a bit too much. But I do like the  sleek black skirt of the gown.

In my book, Sofia and Kate tie winning best red carpet looks Golden Globe 2012!!


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