Walking like MADD

Good morning world,

So, I have been weighing myself ever so often and today my scale says I actually lost 8.5 pounds from after the holiday gain and about 7 pounds from before the holidays!

I am so psyched! The thing of it is being a shorty like I am every pound gained is just as noticeable as every pound lost. So imagine my excitement, that my clothes are beginning to feel looser on me! 🙂 This is definitely motivation for me to continue and keep going!

Today I have a training session with Terry. I plan to go to the gym through at least Saturday. This Saturday I am walking in the “Walk like MADD walkathon! MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving. My family friend lost her wonderful boyfriend, he was killed in a horrific car accident because of a drunk driver! Saturday will be exactly 1year from when we lost our friend!

I am so excited to walk for something I feel very strongly about and at the same time I am getting some great exercise!


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