Boat and Art, Food and Wine, Oh My!

Hey all,

I love this time of year. Miami has had some beautiful weather, especially as of late. February and March are action packed with festivals and events!



Last weekend was the famous Boat Show where people from all over the world come to show off their boats and see other boats. For a least a week before the show began, I passed by some beautiful boats! Of course traffic was a bit nutty but people love it!  Last weekend was also the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. This year was the first I have heard of the festival and the first time I attended it! There was live music, a wide range of food carts, and several types of art from artists who were from all over. I will definitely plan to go again next year!

This weekend is the Food and Wine Festival!!!!!! As you can tell, I am totally excited about it! Every day and or night features a different celebrity chef in a different environment. For a few years my parents have gotten us all tickets to attend this one event known as the Bubble Q. They always have events called the burger bash, the whole foods wine tasting, and many more. This year the Bubble Q event was retired, instead they are doing a dinner called Dining in the Dark with a celebrity chef. I am some what a picky eater, I just hope they don’t try to get me to eat fish and tell me its chicken or something silly like that. I’m excited :)!


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