Things I can do now

Hello virtual world,

So as I have been adding to my list of what I plan to do when I am better… I have also been proactively searching for things I can do currently… Long behold, another list 🙂

  • Get massages- I have been getting therapeutic massages that definitely help
  • Find a trainer to come up with modified exercises I must strengthen my arms and back-crutches, cam walk = MAD soreness and tightness plus I’m dying to work out again in general
  • Eat well and disciplined I have been eating pretty disciplined definitely lost a little weight but can’t stand on my foot to weigh myself so ugh
  • Keep busy:
  • Find a good book
  • Write
  • Read, research
  • Learn something
  • I still am looking into meditation to try to relax over all especially now
  • Work, whether or not I really should be at work is a different story considering I can’t really walk around or elevate my foot but luckily I sit, I’m still working so yay for me-  Its not in me to NOT work

I am hoping there are things I’ll be adding soon enough so far that’s what I have come up with


One of those days

Hi all,

I am not having such a great start to my day! Its just one of those days every one has them!

The good news is I slept a little deeper than I have been and I didn’t move much in my sleep last night because there was less waking up in pain throughout the  night (story of my life these days)

So this morning I take a taxi and I’m running on time and everything to work but its this whole damn project getting ready and to carry the littlest of things with crutches and a cam-walk.

My mom found this old little messenger bag that holds most of my stuff which isn’t bad since I can’t carry stuff in my hand when I’m using crutches (I’m not that talented).

So I arrive at the entrance of my apartment and the cab driver is calling my phone, only I can’t pick it up while I’m trying to walk, and meanwhile I’m  hoping to god that he’s waiting out front, (that was FUN) and luckily he didn’t leave.

Then I get to work slowly but surely walking to the entrance and when I finally sit at my desk the Stupid velcro on the messenger bag got stuck to my brand new lace shirt =(

Basically this morning is not a great one!  Trying to hope and pray the day will improve and run smoothly as I might cry if anything else happens today.

At least the Aleve is working its temporary magic on the foot.

I knew there would be more to add!

Hello virtual ones!

I just remembered again that starting on August 1st is the beginning of Miami Spice/ restaurant month!

I still have not had the chance to experience it… so there it goes On my list of things I want to do when my foot is all better!

I have got to get myself to some of them… I am so excited just looking at the restaurants involved! See Link

This time of year is so exciting there are several restaurants which on an ordinary day or night are not so affordable. This is the time to indulge with pre-set multiple course menu with more appealing prices.

Note to self: Add have a great meal at some Miami Spice participants to the list!



Hello, Let’s Be Proactive

Hello virtual world!

I am not doing so great on writing every single day- gotta work on that… Here is an update

One month ago I discovered I broke my toe. The doctor says I over worked my foot over time probably from walking in the wrong shoes for a long period of time… I guess I’m just that talented!

Luckily, I have never experienced anything like this before as it is pretty painful and inconvenient.

So with that I have realized how amazing it is we take for granted the simplest of things, such as walking,  we are such a lazy world.

Anyway so my foot is swollen I have a toe splint, ace bandages, a cam-walk, and crutches- good times haha.

Anyone who has ever used a cam-walk knows just how heavy that mother is! It is a heavy black tall removable (thank god) cast that goes pretty much up to my knee and under that I have two ace bandages over a toe splint. Then on my left foot  I make it extra pretty with one sneaker on 🙂

Nonetheless, getting ready every morning for the day is quite the project.

Anyway, I obviously have my moments of frustration however, I am constantly trying to be proactive by looking forward…

So with that, I am in the process of  making yet another one of my lists of things I will do when I can walk again. This is what I came up with so far!

  • Walk the beach
  • Walk to the stores
  • Walk the stairs
  • Back to the gym
  • Get Pedicure
  • Learn to salsa
  • Wear nice shoes with cute dress/skirt
  • Learn to play Tennis
  • Go dancing
  • Walk to restaurants
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the Art Walks
  • Go to museums
  • Water sports
  • Swim
  • Walk to the bars
  • Events and Adventure
  • Drive in Miami
  • Volunteer with the children at Jackson