Hello, Let’s Be Proactive

Hello virtual world!

I am not doing so great on writing every single day- gotta work on that… Here is an update

One month ago I discovered I broke my toe. The doctor says I over worked my foot over time probably from walking in the wrong shoes for a long period of time… I guess I’m just that talented!

Luckily, I have never experienced anything like this before as it is pretty painful and inconvenient.

So with that I have realized how amazing it is we take for granted the simplest of things, such as walking,  we are such a lazy world.

Anyway so my foot is swollen I have a toe splint, ace bandages, a cam-walk, and crutches- good times haha.

Anyone who has ever used a cam-walk knows just how heavy that mother is! It is a heavy black tall removable (thank god) cast that goes pretty much up to my knee and under that I have two ace bandages over a toe splint. Then on my left foot  I make it extra pretty with one sneaker on 🙂

Nonetheless, getting ready every morning for the day is quite the project.

Anyway, I obviously have my moments of frustration however, I am constantly trying to be proactive by looking forward…

So with that, I am in the process of  making yet another one of my lists of things I will do when I can walk again. This is what I came up with so far!

  • Walk the beach
  • Walk to the stores
  • Walk the stairs
  • Back to the gym
  • Get Pedicure
  • Learn to salsa
  • Wear nice shoes with cute dress/skirt
  • Learn to play Tennis
  • Go dancing
  • Walk to restaurants
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the Art Walks
  • Go to museums
  • Water sports
  • Swim
  • Walk to the bars
  • Events and Adventure
  • Drive in Miami
  • Volunteer with the children at Jackson

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