One of those days

Hi all,

I am not having such a great start to my day! Its just one of those days every one has them!

The good news is I slept a little deeper than I have been and I didn’t move much in my sleep last night because there was less waking up in pain throughout the  night (story of my life these days)

So this morning I take a taxi and I’m running on time and everything to work but its this whole damn project getting ready and to carry the littlest of things with crutches and a cam-walk.

My mom found this old little messenger bag that holds most of my stuff which isn’t bad since I can’t carry stuff in my hand when I’m using crutches (I’m not that talented).

So I arrive at the entrance of my apartment and the cab driver is calling my phone, only I can’t pick it up while I’m trying to walk, and meanwhile I’m  hoping to god that he’s waiting out front, (that was FUN) and luckily he didn’t leave.

Then I get to work slowly but surely walking to the entrance and when I finally sit at my desk the Stupid velcro on the messenger bag got stuck to my brand new lace shirt =(

Basically this morning is not a great one!  Trying to hope and pray the day will improve and run smoothly as I might cry if anything else happens today.

At least the Aleve is working its temporary magic on the foot.


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