Things I can do now

Hello virtual world,

So as I have been adding to my list of what I plan to do when I am better… I have also been proactively searching for things I can do currently… Long behold, another list 🙂

  • Get massages- I have been getting therapeutic massages that definitely help
  • Find a trainer to come up with modified exercises I must strengthen my arms and back-crutches, cam walk = MAD soreness and tightness plus I’m dying to work out again in general
  • Eat well and disciplined I have been eating pretty disciplined definitely lost a little weight but can’t stand on my foot to weigh myself so ugh
  • Keep busy:
  • Find a good book
  • Write
  • Read, research
  • Learn something
  • I still am looking into meditation to try to relax over all especially now
  • Work, whether or not I really should be at work is a different story considering I can’t really walk around or elevate my foot but luckily I sit, I’m still working so yay for me-  Its not in me to NOT work

I am hoping there are things I’ll be adding soon enough so far that’s what I have come up with


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