Possibly a turning point

Hello all,

Its kind of crazy when your “life” becomes something completely different than it was. The days run-in together so I can’t keep track of the day. There is another good reason for writing so I can remember things.

So, I bet everyone is waiting and wondering at the edge of their seats-dying to know if I decided to get another nerve block! Well unfortunately there wasn’t really a choice. I had to get the nerve block! The Doctor said if I didn’t that the RSD could spread and the fact that there was some response with the 4 other torturous nerve blocks I had to go for it.

I swear, I knew before I went to my appointment on Monday I knew in my gut that I would need another nerve block. As I walked with crutches into the doctor office I was filled with anxiety. Once he arrived he confirmed my fear that I do need another nerve block only this time more locally to the foot by injecting in my ankle. When the doctor explained that the needles would be directly in my foot I flipped out.

The next day, Tuesday morning I had the nerve block. I won’t lie I was freaking out. I couldn’t catch a steady breath and burst into tears as the doctors assistant was holding my foot down and that hurt alone before the needles. When that torture was over my foot was starting to become numb. Unfortunately the whole entire foot did not get numb but some did and a few hours later I was able to put my sneaker on and walked with it with crutches! Also my toes are looser!

My Doctor told Kirsten to really work my foot hard in physical therapy and she did just that on wednesday the day after the procedure. I walked more she really  had me flex my toes a ton and I did some walking side ways and I stood barefoot on the carpet lifting my heels high until my foot creased. I also pulled my toes away and towards me using a resistance band-super hard work! I continued to do my own physical therapy at home and then Friday I returned for more vigorous therapy with Kirsten.

By Friday I was VERY sore from all the hard work on top of pain. On Saturday I was still hurting so I took off from flexing my toes but instead I walked quite a bit. I also went to a puppy store and got to play with the cuties-great therapy! Yesterday however I was feeling free of the soreness from physical therapy. It was a pretty good day I put my sneaker on with less pain and walked a lot. I walked barefoot. I also used the resistance band and worked my foot hard. It wasn’t until the evening I was sore again. I guess it was kind of meant to be that I had a good day, I’m thinking perhaps it was a turning point, yesterday was exactly 4 months since I woke up with RSD.


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