Back in Action

Hello virtual ones,

I went on a little hiatus from the blog for a bit. I needed a break from reflecting on every thing going on. But now I am back and so much has happened!

I am still in ny and ct
I am exploring a new career direction I had an epiphany this might be one reason for everything
I had another birthday, I was pretty down about it. My mother and my sister threw me an amazing surprise party!!!!!
December 7th marked six whole months since all this crazy started
Thanksgiving happened
I was sick without a voice for about15 days
I tried a fairly new treatment called Calmare
I went to my cousins baby shower
I stopped Calmare treatment
I continue to do hardcore physical therapy

Physical therapy is intense, I am improving though!
On Friday I walked, yes with crutches but across the streets of ny and went into the Plaza!
Saturday I walked and went to Central Park for a bit!
I also went to my friend’s holiday party!

Walking and traveling by car are very challenging for me. When I am outside The first thing I feel is pain because the cold hurts my foot and leg. The other part of this condition is the battle I have with this nervous feeling of being overwhelmed by crowds of people and crossing the streets.
This is a battle I am fighting to conquer!

I still have pain but I can feel inside me, I just know I am getting better! I think only someone who endures a life-altering experience can truly understand that feeling that comes from deep within you. It is something of comfort, peace, relief, a definitive knowing that there is an end of this, and that I have changed for the better.