Today’s Gratitude

  • My overall health
  • My progress
  • My strength
  • My parents
  • My cousin nicole
  • My sister
  • My friends
  • Art
  • Music
  • I got into college
  • Every day is a new day
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    Today’s Gratitude

    • My overall health
    • My progress
    • My strength
    • My parents
    • My sister
    • Roxie
    • I got into college!
    • Starting my new direction in child life!
    • My friends
    • The ability to walk
    • The ability to speak and write
    • Music
    • Art
    • Today is a new day

    Good Productive Day

    Hi all,

    Last night my body felt worked. I woke up this morning feeling my TRX workout in my arms. I also feel it in my butt and legs! I am so sore. But a lot of it today I think is from working out! Yes I feel RSD pain but my other pains are good pains.

    I went with my soreness and kept going today. I walked to lunch with my friend and then walked back. It got cooler out on the walk back so there was an increase of pain :(. However I got my outdoor exercise in for today, so thats good.
    Tonight I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. While I was about to get ready to go there I received an email… I got into college! I am going to go back to college (online) and finish my bachelors degree in psychology with concentration in child and adolescent development! I got an outline of credits that I will transfer and what I will need to take. It looks like most of my credits have transferred-yay!

    Tomorrow I am meeting a personal trainer who my physical therapist is referring me to. He is going to stop by during PT tomorrow and assess me.
    It will be great to have that on the days I don’t have PT.

    Things are happening and it’s great! I am getting better I am getting in shape I am working on going out more. I am going back to college!
    Good productive day!

    The Good Ol’ List

     Hey guys,

    So in earlier entries I have made a list of things I want to do when I am better… I am getting better. Here is my updated list of things I plan to do… Step by step as I get better I have and or will accomplish these… I know there will be more to add, this is what I have so far…

    • Go on more outdoor excursions
    • Go see my sister’s show
    • Go to the met museum
    • Take an art workshop (like the painting course)
    • Start school
    • Go to the movies
    • Get a part time job
    • Volunteer
    • Wear a real sock instead of surgical
    • Get rid of pain from vibration
    • Get rid of using crutches completely!!!!
    • Get to wearing other shoes!!!!
    • Lose weight
    • Go to Miami again?

    When Life is Put into Perspective

    Hello all,

    So I wasn’t sure what to write about.

    That all changed after I texted with Gabby, the little girl at the hospital. Every few days I like to check in and see how she is doing.

    The little girl blows me away. I texted her “how are you today” she tells me “very good today”! It is so amazing! The fact that this little girl is facing serious illness and has had a rough life in her short life lived (so far), can say she is very good, is truly phenomenol! This really puts life into perspective.

    I really am so very lucky and I need to be more gratful. I realize, I never say I’m very good. I do know we all have different meanings when we say good. For me, to say good is a truly good thing. However to be “VERY Good” is amazing. I am so happy to have met this special girl! She has given me something to examine in myself.