Its Art Time

Hello all,

During this time I have been playing around with painting. I am not sure how great they are but they aren’t too horrible anyway.

I love art and just playing around with acrylics most recently. There is something about it, it makes me feel good. I have been learning to be okay with the fact that with art there are no mistakes to be afraid of just keep going, which is kind of like life.

Here are some pieces…


I had so much fun creating these colors, lines, and  shapes. I couldn’t be stopped, I had to keep painting.

Fiery Currents

I had fun with these contrasting colors and creating the fiery texture.

wild grass

Working on creating pieces while using one color.


I literally wasn’t sure what I was going to paint it just came out on paper so I went with it.

Beautiful day at the beach

This is my most recent acrylic on canvas. I decided to expand on the beach. I still might go back into it.


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