“The Plan”

Hi Again,

My career story continues…

Unemployment can be very easy to become depressed. There are days I felt pretty down. I felt like a failure and I didn’t want to be around anyone. I constantly had to keep myself in check. It is okay to feel like that sometimes. At times I feel like that and then I look myself over and start again. I don’t like to dwell on failing, or on feeling lost. I know what I don’t want and I know what I like so at least that’s a start.

When I was a kid I used to slam my mom for making lists for everything. Today however, (as I have proved in earlier entries) I have become accustomed to it. I am constantly making lists. My first list ever was my general goals of what I want to work on for myself.  This is what it looks like:

  • Diet
  • Mental Health
  • Exercise
  • Find a career

I continually explore these more in depth so I can identify the specific goals for each.

My goal with dieting is to focus on maintaining a balanced healthful diet while also losing weight. Dieting, exercise and mental health focus on my overall well-being. My goal with mental health is to always remind myself I have an amazingly supportive family to whom I can always vent if needed. With mental health as a goal it can mean many things for different people. There are times for me it could be taking a break from stress by reading a book for fun, going for a swim, to the gym, or for a walk.

My goal to exercise is my reminder that I am constantly trying to come up with the best way to make sure I put exercise in my schedule daily. My last thing on this list is my goal to find a career. For me to find a career I feel I definitely need to keep the top three things on the list a priority. Finding the career will come but I need to incorporate these for long-term routine and success. This is the permanent list which is branded in my mind. They all go hand-in-hand with each other.

After identifying my goals I broke it down even further. I go through each thing on the list, and of course naturally I make a list of each detail. This list is constantly updated on my to do list for each day. For instance I go over my goal to diet detail for detail. I list each day how I am going to incorporate exercise in my schedule. I think about what I’m going to do for my mental health. I then list my goals as to how I’m going to go about finding a job, for example networking, how many resumes I’m going to send daily, how many job sites I am going to post my resume on daily.

My father is a believer in having a plan. Clearly, the plan is to find the right career for me.

The plan was to find a career not just any job and it still is, but at the time the  plan was to find a job for the time being. So naturally, I made a list for this “plan.”  The first thing I did was pin-point all of my strengths and potential types of jobs. This is what it looks like:

Strengths:                          Jobs I can get with my skill-set:

Hardworking                                  Customer Service

Reliable                                           Sales

Passionate                                      Retail

Creative                                          Childcare


Great with Children



As I continue the plan the constant assignment I give myself is to analyze my skills. Everyone has told me this however it does ring true- I am an extremely hard worker. I don’t do anything half-fast, I give it my all in my work. I have selling and merchandising skills. I am fashion savvy and I am creative. I have people skills, assistant skills, and I am great with people and children. I have an eye for fashion and art and color and I am familiar with the use of different media. As I have done several times before, I then evaluate this more.

I try to find out if there is a way to tie my skill set with something I really love and which also has a career path. I had been in fashion for so long that that’s what I would initially go towards. However, the problem is that jobs in fashion are limited and this makes me question my industry choice.

There is also music. I would love to be able to believe that singing is a realistic career path. However unfortunately it is very unlikely that I can sing as a career, that relies on luck. I would love to continue however to work on my music, learn new songs, build my repertoire, and continue to learn songwriting.

“The plan” also consists of networking, posting my resume on several job sites, applying to several jobs daily, and finding a business-writing course. Networking is an incredibly valuable skill. This is why it is crucial to “never burn any bridges” as any person you may come into contact with may prove to be helpful for either of you in the future. Every day I made it a goal to apply to several jobs. I would go on every search engine I can think of. Resume posting is another important task in order to allow companies to find you. I posted my resume on sites such as careerbuilder, monster, and hotjobs. Another part of the plan as I mentioned was to find a business writing course. If you are having difficulty finding a job its not a bad idea to polish up a skill or two. I did this and continued my search…


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