Am I really Unemployed again?

Hello again,

The owner at the bridal salon would not follow through with anything, I was devalued for what I was hired to do. I learned however, that you can not change people for what they are, but you can learn about who you do not want to become, both professionally and personally.

After three months working extremely hard (feeling like a punching bag at times), the bridal salon was not making enough in sales in order to keep my position afloat, the owner could no longer afford to pay me.

I questioned frequently about quitting the job myself, deciding that I would say flat out that our personalities did not match-SHE beat me to it! She flat out cried to me that she wanted to keep me on but could not.

In truth, I was relieved to leave but would have much rather had quit and confront her crazy ass. I was laid off at the bridal salon! After working my butt off and leaving the hotel in good faith I knowingly worked for a nut! I could not believe I was unemployed again! I left a job for this job and again I wound up unemployed!

Now by this time I had learned how to broaden my job search. It was very upsetting and frustrating, but who wouldn’t be down about the situation, it’s a horrible place to be back in! After taking a few days of trying not to think about everything, I told myself, its going to be okay. I didn’t have to worry, I still was not with a family to support and I was not in the same place I was in the last year. I told my parents what happened, and the incredible parents that they are, were in complete support of me.

As someone who did not have the specific plan of what it is I want to do as a career, it has definitely brought me all over the place in industries. This can definitely be a good thing because it allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills that can take me on to various career paths. I actually can’t help but surprise myself at just how many different resumes I have.  On the other hand though if I knew exactly what it is I wanted to do, I would have more direction. However, I wouldn’t have experienced all that I have so far and I probably would not be where I am today professionally and personally.

With my persistence, I actually landed an interview two days after losing my job. I had a job interview at a lawfirm- so random! It was a position as a client coordinator determining whether callers had a case or not.  It was a good first interview as they said I was in the good pile of people they were interviewing and I was offered the job however I decided it wasn’t for me after the second interview.

I met with another temp agency who got me an interview in customer service for a knife company. I thought it sounded boring however if it was the only job I was offered I would have given it a shot. I also interviewed at a daycare center I found on craigslist. I was interviewed and they had me interact with the children as part of the interview. I was offered the job however I couldn’t pay rent with what they were planning to pay me so I declined.

In addition I interviewed at a brand new Equinox to work at the children’s program. As I was waiting to hear from them I kept on applying to other positions. In the midst of things I was planning a break from the cold winter and was meeting my parents in Miami for the annual food and wine festival. Before I left I had applied to a position posted at a retail shop in a local Miami Hotel. They had responded so I scheduled an interview for while I would be in town. In addition, my parents had an acquaintance who was a manager at this swanky restaurant in another hotel and he had offered to bring my resume to a manager’s attention. A few weeks later I received a phone call from a manager and had an initial interview. It went well so he invited me to come in for a formal interview when I would be in town. I then had two interviews in Miami lined up!

The interview at the shop went well, however I was supposed to have two interviews and one of the managers who would have made the final decision wasn’t there. They never got their act together so I figured it wasn’t meant to be.

A few days later I met with the office manager at the other hotel This interview was absolutely one of the most memorable experiences of my life. He asked me what my thoughts were about my career path. We spoke about my abilities working with several people, with challenging people and with a lot of action at once. We spoke about my flexibility in my work schedule. He kept saying he liked my style and personality so it felt promising. I asked if he felt I could be a good fit and he said yes! All in all a great meeting. I hopped in a cab and left feeling good about it. I was half-way home, and my phone rang- it was the manager again! He asked if I can come back in and meet the Office Director! I was cracking up, I couldn’t believe it. I had my taxi driver turn the car around and headed back to the hotel!

I then met with the manager along with the Front office Director. He was questioning me about the fact that my resume showed I moved around a lot. I explained that my resume in no way reflects on the type of worker I am. I was laid off, positions were eliminated, economy issues, and not to mention, even when I was unemployed I was also temping and I attempted my own business. I had hoped that I won them over. I was told they would contact me on Monday, we met on a Saturday.

Monday morning came around and I was getting anxious so I kept myself busy. I went for a walk and a temp agency called me. There was a position available as an assistant. I agreed to set up an interview for when I would return to Connecticut. As hours passed, at around 3:00, 4:00PM my phone rang! It was the Office Manager offering me a job at the front desk! Upon accepting this job I would be agreeing to start orientation immediately and swiftly turning my world around by moving to Miami Beach, Florida!

I was extremely excited and somewhat scared I guess in that I didn’t know what I should do just yet!  I thanked the Office manager profusely and asked if I could sit on it for a day and give him a call tomorrow. I could not believe it was very real now the option to seeing if some other place was more my home. I had connecticut I had my apartment and my friend also my room mate, who I would be abandoning. I don’t know anyone in Miami. But then again I didn’t really have too many friends that I keep in touch with in Connecticut either. What it came down to was, what do I have to lose? The next day being Tuesday I called the office manager and accepted the job! I worked at the beautiful Hotel as a Guest Service Agent. Nine months into the job my 90th day to the date when my insurance was going to kick in I along with several others was laid off!!!!
I truly could not believe this happened to me again. I must admit though, I was still wondering while I was at the hotel if it was the right place for me. The thing is I still had no idea what exactly I wanted to do with my life. I was in search of some profound enlightening experience where I can realize ‘this’ is what I want to do with my life. I was back to searching again for jobs.
I decided I was only in Miami for a little while and was not ready to give up on it just yet. I was back on my job search. I took a stroll back to fashion. I updated my resume and walked into stores. I landed a job as a sales floor supervisor for a spanish clothing company. After some time I had decided the company was not paying me enough so I decided to continue my search…

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