Career Move

Hi all,

As I mentioned earlier I am exploring a new career direction. Being that I have had all this time now (almost 8 months) to think and reflect, I think I might have found the right career for me!
I am looking into becoming a child life specialist. I have always loved children however I wasn’t aware of this particular job. I have always been involved with helping my parents out when we would volunteer and visit children at the hospital. My sister is a cancer surviver which of course is what brought us to the hospital. Not only am I a sibling but as I have shared I am fighting a nerve disorder called RSD, which is my life-altering experience, so I now understand what its like to be in constant pain. I now understand what its like to alter your beliefs, I now know what its like to face a real challenge.

In addition to relating as a sibling and patient I am passionate about helping children. Sick children need to feel like children, they should not have to face what they are facing. So with that I love to spend time with children patients and help them feel like the kids they are. If they are happy and forget if only for a moment that they are facing illness then my time spent is worthwhile. When they are sick they are usually forced to be in adult mode and that is very scary and unfair.

Here’s the thing, on New Years Eve at my parents’ party I was talking about my job at the hotel. When I talk about things I have done there and what I have accomplished there I reveal passion. I was talking to this man in the business and he was saying how I truly seem to love it and that I seem to be great at it. I realized something when he said that, I do enjoy working at the hotel. I am good at what I did. The idea of working with children, becoming a child life specialist is something I feel is more satisfying.

Recently, my mother and I went to visit this adorable little girl in the hospital named Gabby. I immediately formed a bond with this sweet girl. She broke my heart as she didn’t want us to leave after three hours of coloring and hanging out she would be by herself for the afternoon. I love that little girl and I pray to god every night that she is healed and given more time to be a kid and live a better life than before.

I do believe if I become a Child Life Specialist I can really help make a difference in the child and their family’s life. I have always wanted to do something with purpose, something important and I think I have found it and I am so excited and ready to do it. Yes, this is not an easy job by all means, but I think it is something I have to do.

The other day I visited the little girl Gabby at the hospital again. It doesn’t look great for her however I still believe in prayer and I still pray for her every night. When I was there I gave her a book about dreams and a cuddly stuffed animal and saw her smile and melted. When I was there last my mom took a picture of Gabby and I. Her mom just showed me her beautiful photo album she put together and my picture was in it. I am so very touched I made a little difference for this little girl!

With that, now that I have this direction I have decided to go back and finish my bachelor’s degree. I am in the process of getting my transcripts evaluated by a few online colleges and I plan to soon begin my study in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development. I eventually will volunteer and then intern in a hospital and then take a certification exam to earn my Certified Child Life Specialist title. I d0 not yet know if I will bring my career to miami, new york or some where else however I believe I am on the path to doing what I am meant to be doing and that is exciting!


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