Interviews here and there

Hey guys,

Don’t worry the journey continues…

During my time at the magazine I explored my abilities and career options further. I thought about taking a chance at exploring my selling skills in another light. I am a traveler myself, and I truly enjoy working with people. I decided I would look into the hotel industry. During my searches I landed an interview working with the Hilton Hotel selling timeshares in Ny. I didn’t get the position however, it opened my eyes to more possibilities. I continued to look into hotel opportunities. There was a brand new hotel near my apartment looking for a front desk associate. With the help of my uncle and ‘networking’ I landed an interview.

I also interviewed at a local boutique near my parents house. The owner was planning on creating a position for me at her new boutique which was in the works. Due to money issues however, construction was put off. In the meantime, I was still waiting to hear from the hotel on my application status. At the same time, although she couldn’t hire me, the boutique owner had a friend who owned a bridal salon and was looking to hire, she handed over my resume. I had an interview with the owner at the bridal salon. It sounded like there was a lot of potential of learning how to run a business and assisting. Being that I have a degree in Fashion design and Merchandising and there is a possibility of opening my own boutique some day it sounded like it could be a good idea. The position at the bridal salon could have taught me the ground work needed to run my own business, which made it appealing. When we met I could tell right off the bat that this woman was not particularly stable which should have been a flag however I figured everything is a learning experience. This interview was a premature meeting in which she wouldn’t need me for another month or so.

After I met with the bridal salon the temp agency from the magazine contacted me for another temporary job in selling coins. Selling coins was nowhere near interesting to me. Thankfully, in the nick of time the hotel manager offered me the front desk position and I accepted.


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