Landing the jobs and making the decisions

Hello again,

So here it is…

I worked at a beautiful brand new boutique hotel with 90 rooms. I was a front desk associate however I wore 7 different hats in the position. When you are in a small business you do several jobs outside of the position you are actually hired to do. I checked people in and out, created and put in reservations, maintenance, driver, sales, gave room tours, inspected rooms, and worked as a concierge. I got to interact with people from different walks of life. The hotel caters to corporate and party-going guests, so that alone was interesting. We also hosted several groups in the area for weddings.  It was a great experience and stepping stone.

After about three months at the hotel I was approached by the owner of the bridal salon.  I was offered the executive assistant position. I decided to make a pros and cons list for the hotel vs. the salon. On one side, there was the fact that this position was being created for me. Also, there was the appeal that I was able to learn the in’s and out’s of running a business. As for the cons, I could tell this woman was pretty much nuts, so that was definitely going to be a challenge if I decided to take it.

Also, I enjoyed the hotel industry and I wasn’t there too long. But as another pro not only was the position a brand new one , I was working more regular hours, and was getting more money in the position. I came to the decision which I couldn’t pass up, to leave the hotel and work at the bridal salon as an executive assistant.

I answered phones, opened the shop, closed the shop, emailed clients, added to clients list, scheduled fittings and new bridal appointments, assisted in sales, merchandised, hosted trunk shows, interacted with designers, tracked orders, created contracts and new office procedures in order to attempt to run things more smoothly.

Anyone, if you are Reading this, I would most definitely like to point out that when you are working for a difficult woman you need to fight to literally keep her focused. I was hired to organize, create efficiency in how things ran however my boss made this nearly impossible…


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