When I became a professional temp

Me again,

So more about my career journey…

While I was searching for jobs I attempted to become a “professional” intern.  I interviewed for several non-paying opportunities, with hopes that it would turn into a job. Around the same period of time I found a few jobs on this one website that seemed promising, so I applied. It turned out the website was a headhunter agency. I suppose because of my persistence of unknowingly applying to several positions which they posted, I was eventually asked to come in for an interview. I met with someone there and filled out an application as to what kind of job I was willing to take: freelance, full-time, and or temporary. I showed her my resume and portfolio while we discussed what I was looking for. Shortly after, nothing came of it, (or so I thought). Time passed as I continued to search for a job or an internship. I decided to explore another avenue.

I delve into possibly entering the art world. As for tying my skills with it, I thought of possibly art sales. I was introduced to an art adviser, who was looking for an intern. Although she unfortunately could not hire me full-time I did enjoy the experience. I assisted with merchandising the layout of her art gallery. I escorted her to clients’ homes to determine the best place for displaying of art work. I attended sales meetings. I assisted in choosing artwork to present to clients. I also helped plan art events. I met amazing artists and I met some interior designers. I worked on a project for an auctioneer and created a mass invitation for events. I also assisted merchandising the art in the office. It was a great way to learn more about the art industry. I continued to intern while looking for a job.

Eventually, while I was still interning with art I landed a part-time job at a children’s gymnasium, as a birthday party host. It was fun working with the children but it wasn’t enough money for being my only source of income, and I depended on the parents tips, (which was not a requirement), in order to make the money more substantial. Not to mention there were no breaks and I did up to five birthday parties per weekend day, basically I was working for free at times.

Several months later, I received an email from an executive at the headhunter agency. There was a temporary job available in fashion and they said it sounded like it could be perfect for me, and there was potential for it to become permanent. I scheduled an interview the next day, and literally 5 minutes later I was offered the position. I could not believe it took 10 months of being unemployed for this to happen! I was an assistant merchandiser for a shoe company’s website.

The thing about this job I learned so much, which is great for my resume. The fact that it involves e-commerce could potentially be a huge asset for employers. The marketing behind it all was pretty useful information. I created buy sheets, pulled various reports, created spreadsheets, merchandised the website, entered new product for the website, tracked orders’ inventory, confirmed pictures, and setting of styles in seasonal catalog. I confirmed color codes, pairs, and made sure  pairs were added for monthly orders. I worked on several computer systems including the company’s web-based applications NRS, ACS, MACS, and ADMIN. I worked on Microsoft, excel and outlook. I also wrote sale-able descriptions for the items entered into the website.

I really felt restless about this job knowing that it might not be permanent and about figuring out what I want to do with my life. I honestly hadn’t the slightest what kind of job I should gear towards, even though I had every desire to move somewhere else I didn’t know what to look at.

While I was temping I also took a business writing course at Berkeley College. I reviewed writing persuasive business letters. I learned how to record time in meetings. It was useful. The internship contract was 5 months long, and then I went back to the drawing board. The company was trying to find me a full time job to take me on however, unfortunately they were first rehiring the people that were laid off from back when the economy first took a turn for the worst. This left me without a job again.

While I looked for another internship and or job  I was asked to help a friend. My family friend’s elderly father needed company and assistance at the house, during the day. After a few weeks, I was recruited by a temp agency to work on a telemarketing campaign for a fashion trade show for a business magazine. I was responsible for calling buyers from several retail and department stores to confirm their attendance at the trade shows.

I learned so much about myself and with all of my experiences I had had thus far, there was even more to add to my resume. While I was at the magazine I continued my job search…


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