When Life Takes Turns

Hey all,

Ok so,

I took the job at this beautiful 17 room boutique hotel. This job is the most unusual job I have ever experienced. I began the job one year ago this past November 7th. I left the supervisor position at the clothing store and three days later I started at the hotel.

The hotel, is a beautiful european style right in South Beach, Florida. I began my job on  a day I was supposed to be trained by this girl who was hoping to become the new manager. The night before the new manager who interviewed me sent me a peculiar text message begging me to keep secret that I knew who she was. Before I even set foot on my first day I was put in a weird position.

When I arrived on my first day, I was immediately questioned several times about who the new manager was. The girl who was supposed to be training me was flipping out when she figured out who it was and that she was not being promoted to management. She was so angry so she didn’t train me on the system. Luckily, I had already experienced working at a hotel, I was able to train myself on the reservation system.

The hotel job was very appealing because it was starting a business from scratch and I was signing on to be apart of building something successful. I, again since it was a small hotel, wore several hats. The hotel was still being renovated and revamped when I began work there; so I was initially a project manager for all the construction work that surrounded me. The girl who was meant to train me quit as soon as she realized she would not be promoted, which left me in charge of everything. The manager had legal issues with getting an updated visa so she was unable to physically be in the hotel for 3 months into my working there. The owner being from France was also not present and I had not met him until about 4,5 months into my working there.

I was responsible for front office, marketing, sales, concierge, maintenance, advertising, room inspection, creating reservations, researching competition, website layout, brochure layout, creating procedures, checkin check out, acting manager when she was not present, training new hires, wrote room descriptions, inventory control, closing transactions, marketing strategies etc…

Ok so this is, was, my current job, and then RSD happened… As all of you who have been reading, in June I woke up and my life changed. As I have titled this entry, life takes turns I am still figuring out my next steps. I am still in New York and Connecticut with my family while I am getting treatment. I had left work back in the first week of August thinking I would be back in 3 weeks tops but that was when I thought I broke my toe. I had originally had every intention of returning to the hotel and to Miami. I still might return to Miami we’ll see what happens…


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