Life-in Progress

Hello all,

The rest of you bloggers know that feeling when you are on a roll and you just can’t seem to stop writing. Last night it happened to me. I finally am up to date with the blog on my career journey and after physical therapy last night I felt so good I couldn’t go to sleep. I was still up at 2 this morning. I guess once I start writing I have a bug my mind keeps going and my fingers keep typing.

So as I have been progressing, I have been adding things little by little back into my life. I have also added new things to my life which feels great.

I am working on a routine to not get bored while I start really trying to keep busy with more things. My friend Bethany and I every Tuesday we have decided to have lunch and go for a walk. The other day I painted pottery at this studio and absolutely loved it. I had mentioned to my friend Jane and I’m going to try to find some where to possibly do that once a week. We also have planned to workout once or twice a week so that will be great. Now that I am getting better I can start to fit in normalcy. Its great motivation and its fun working out with a friend. I need to stay active so this plan will definitely help.

Today I had to reschedule my lunch and walk with Beth so I worked out on my own. I just finished a 1/2 hour workout . I did several sets of Hip rolls, ankle rolls, squats, lunges, calf raises, leg raises, crunches, and some yoga moves. My day of exercising does not end there. Every day ever so often I get up and do some stretching, while I’m sitting I am moving my toes. Also every time I have to do something such as make lunch or make a bed or clean I make a stretch out of it. Even when my dog Roxie is around when I’m walking around the house or stretching, she always wants to play so I’ll make a stretch out of it! She loves to play tug-of-war with her baby so I’ll squat as I grab my part of the baby and as she tugs I squat down! It’s a terrific workout and its fun too.

Let’s not forget as I have mentioned before during my days I also am painting, meditating and working on my next step towards my new career. I am spending time with my sister, my parents. In addition I am doing dinners with friends.

This weekend I might go to this bar with my friend and her work friends. I’m still thinking about it, as I am still with crutches when I am out and I can not drink and the plan was to go to a bar. It would be fun to get out fit in that ‘normalcy’ so I still might go.


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