When Life is Put into Perspective

Hello all,

So I wasn’t sure what to write about.

That all changed after I texted with Gabby, the little girl at the hospital. Every few days I like to check in and see how she is doing.

The little girl blows me away. I texted her “how are you today” she tells me “very good today”! It is so amazing! The fact that this little girl is facing serious illness and has had a rough life in her short life lived (so far), can say she is very good, is truly phenomenol! This really puts life into perspective.

I really am so very lucky and I need to be more gratful. I realize, I never say I’m very good. I do know we all have different meanings when we say good. For me, to say good is a truly good thing. However to be “VERY Good” is amazing. I am so happy to have met this special girl! She has given me something to examine in myself.


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