Oh, The Places You Can Go!

Hello all,

I have always enjoyed traveling. It excites me to see different cultures and sites. I have been to Italy, France, England, Spain, and Canada. One dream I have is to go back to Italy for a significant period of time. I absolutely loved Italy and I know there is so much more to see and do there! France was a beautiful magical place. I loved the city of Paris. England was wonderful even though it happen to rain there I truly loved the shopping and the sites. I also had a visit to spain and got to enjoy the beautiful architecture. Years ago I traveled to Canada and would also love to visit again!

rome-italy-colosseum Rome     gondola-venice-italyVenice

florence.italyFlorence tuscany imagesTuscany

London, EnglandLondon paris, franceParis

Barcelona-beach-SpainBarcelonatorontoToronto, Canada

I have had the pleasure of visiting the above places and will one day visit again! Below are places I also would love to make my way to!

sicilySicily irelandIreland


Chicago-Skyline 1Chicago Street with old buildings. Newport, Rhode Island, USANewport, Rhode Island

Weaver's Needle HikeArizona new orleansNew Orleans

Atlanta-Georgia-Charter-Flights-bottomAtlanta,  Dallas_Skyline_01Dallas, Texas


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