What a Day!

Hello virtual friends,

I have had an amazing day! I am so thrilled. One thing after the other today has been an experience to check off my list!

After visiting Gabby I had an epiphany I know I am doing what I should be doing! I loved helping this little girl not feel alone. I think I got through to her. She had to get a test done and also asked me to stay. When we were waiting for the test we were literally just sitting in a hall, if I wasn’t there she would have been just sitting in a hall by herself and it was a good 20 minutes-so that was kind of ridiculous I was so happy to be there for her. I was telling her when I grow up I want to keep visiting her and other kids like her and she said “you mean like child life?” I said exactly!  And as I always hope to happen I left Gabby smiling.

Also,  I got a phone call from college and registered for classes- yay!!!

To finish off, I am helping do a fundraiser for RSD!!!!

All in all a great day!!!


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