Art in Italy

Good morning all!

Last night I slept like a baby and I just got up! I am ready for today!

Yesterday I started a new art project I think I am going to call it ‘Step By Step’ I will post when it’s complete but I am excited!

So, I was thinking about more things I want to do when I can!
I have always wanted to be in Italy for a period of time however I have new stuff coming as far as being able to be there long term just yet. Instead, I was thinking maybe when I have a break from school I can take an art workshop in Italy!

That would be so incredible I would love it! I am thinking August break could be perfect I should be able to ride plane by then!

There is so much inspiration for art in Italy!!! I really want to do that!!!
It would be a great little break from school too so that would be great too!

I have to find the right workshop then I will plan more! 🙂



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