You Can Never Lose Hope

Hey all,

What would you do if you were told you are not going to make it? What if you were told the exact day you leave this life is unknown but it is coming sooner than later? The other day I was talking to my physical therapist about whether or not I thought Gaby my little friend in the hospital knew if she was going to win her battle with cancer. I do not know if it is handled in a case by case basis. I am not sure if child life or if the doctors tell the precious children if they are going to make it or not. Although I believe this little girl seems to have hope in her heart still.

Perhaps she knows but blocks it out of her mind. Hope is an enormous strength that one can have all they way to their core. I pray to god that Gaby will be given more time. I thank god for bringing our paths together. This little girl is so special. She has a lot of strength to help her get through the pain from her past and she needs to live in happiness without pain. I pray to god every day that Gaby is given more time, more time to be a happy healthy kid.

I have no doubt that there is a reason I have met Gaby. I firmly believe I was meant to help her get through this. I know her illness is not looking great but there is still hope, you can never lose hope.  At the very least I was there for her to be comfortable and happy in the moment, and every moment of life matters. This is how I believe I will be able to cope with the sadness as long as I have been able to help the children in some way.



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