I Know I Can Do This

Hi all,

So today I heard back from the social worker from the hospital in westchester where Gaby is being treated.

Last time I went there I had told her I would like to visit Gaby some time next week and to let me know when would be a good time.

Today the social worker contacted me. She asked me to come this Sunday. The doctor and she told Gaby’s mother that there is nothing else they can do to treat her. They will continue to do radiation to help relieve pain. I feel so sad for this poor little girl and her mom and her baby brother!

At least she will no longer be tortured with Chemotherapy and other medicine. At least she will no longer be in pain. She is a great strong little girl! I know I am able to do this, I know I can put my sadness aside for her.

With all of my heart I just want to help her be happy, and as comfortable as possible during the time she has left with us!


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